Sport News Test your Olympics knowledge with this increasingly difficult quiz!

The Olympics are here, and for the next couple of weeks, we’re all going to be obsessed with the Summer Games. But then what? What will we actually remember? Well, let’s find out. As the Tokyo Games get underway, here’s a little quiz to find out what you remember about the last Olympics, way back in the long-ago time of 2016.

1. Where were the 2016 Olympics?

2. Which country won the most gold medals?

3. Which gymnast won four gold medals and one bronze?

4. What virus was a big concern at the Games?

5. The United States won the men’s basketball gold medal. Who won the silver?

6. Simone Manuel of the United States tied Canadian Penny Oleksiak, resulting in each winning a gold medal for which sport?

7. Chris Mears and Jack Laugher of Great Britain won the synchronized 3-meter springboard gold, the only diving event — men’s and women’s — not won by which country?

8. Brianna Rollins, Nia Ali, and Kristi Castlin had the only single-country podium sweep of the 2016 Games, dominating which event for the United States?

9. The United States won the women’s basketball gold medal. Who won the silver?

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