Sport News Rich Eisen, who is fully vaccinated, shares story after positive COVID test

Sports broadcasting legend and NFL Network host Rich Eisen tested positive for COVID despite being fully vaccinated.

Eisen announced on his Instagram this morning that he’s fighting off symptoms and in the fourth day of his quarantine, after contracting the virus that has altered the world in a deadly fashion since early 2020.

“I can personally attest you still need to be careful and, most importantly, get vaccinated. Why? Especially since mine didn’t keep COVID from my body? So there aren’t any more variants to pierce highly-effective vaccines that would ordinarily get all of us back to normal life. But if you want an answer maybe a bit more personal to you: get vaccinated so you won’t go to the hospital or die.”

Eisen is hinting at the research surrounding the virus and its effects, as well as the a Delta variant that is now the dominant strain in the United States, and is more likely to be contagious. According to a Yale Medicine study from last week, unvaccinated people are at most risk to contract COVID, as is the case with other strains, butalso said the Delta variant has to lead to “hyperlocal outbreaks.”ore is still being discovered about the deadly variant.

Eisen later added the following on his IG post: “Every health care professional I’ve come across in the last few days tell me the two shots of Pfizer I got in February are what’s keeping a 52-year-old like me from a far worse experience than the awful one I’m having. So, be careful if you’re vaccinated and, if you’re not vaccinated, don’t wait another second.”

Eisen’s post, and experience, is a reminder that the pandemic is still ongoing, and just because people are getting vaccinated doesn’t mean the worst is over. After all, no vaccines have a 100 percent effectiveness rate, but they, especially the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, do increase your likelihood of immunity, or ability to fight off the disease if contracted, studies continually show.

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