Sport News Did we need 8K cameras for this?

I get that these 8K cameras are a fun, newish toy for TV producers to go to. We saw them come on the scene for the past NFL season after touchdowns. WWE has been a big fan of them as well. They certainly create cool looking shots at opportune moments when you’re trying to focus on one guy and make it look epic. It’s like a mini theatrical entrance.

But did this guy need it?

Ok, Phoenix is going a bit loopy with the Suns’ success, and taking a 2-0 lead to put Phoenix just two wins away from their first title. But ABC has gone a little bonkers with the 8K shots of the crowd after big buckets. It’s one thing to frame Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers in that manner after a TD throw or run and the play is stopped. I’m not sure why Tony The Fuckaround needs the same framing while spilling a quarter of his $12 beer on his ill-fitting Devin Booker jersey or Ryker in Section 112 giving an awkward high-five to the girl behind him either. This is using toys for the sake of using toys. Jeff Goldblum told us three decades ago that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

Not that airplane boy here won’t somehow find a way to monetize this one shot or make himself famous for 11 seconds. Now we’ll get a ton of fans in Milwaukee doing shit for it. Walter from Piggly Wiggly is definitely going to do stomach rolls the first time ABC focuses on him after a 10-0 Bucks run in Game 3. Just prepare yourself. Then again, maybe that’s the best use of an 8K cam. But I’m guessing in production meetings when the topic of using 8K cams for fan reaction shots they didn’t really discuss what will happen when they put Wisconsin residents on it.

Yell at me all you want, Wisco. You know you don’t belong in ultra-high def. I’ve seen you eat.

As for the game itself, the Bucks didn’t roll out the red carpet for Booker and Chris Paul to do whatever they wanted like they did in Game 1. However, it doesn’t matter much what the Bucks’ plan or execution is when Khris Middleton and Jrue Holliday go 12-for-37 combined. And that’s with Giannis putting up 42 points and 12 boards. We know that Booker and Paul aren’t going to have down games like that, and Giannis needs similar help. He didn’t get it last night, the Bucks are up against it, and maybe it’s just the Suns’ year.

Over to baseball, and a really cool moment in San Diego. Daniel Camarena had only been called up hours before last night’s game, is from San Diego, and, thanks to the weirdness of the game, found himself only facing Max Scherzer with the bases loaded in the bottom of the fourth. So of course he pulled out a two-iron to golf one out for a grand slam, part of a seven-run inning for the Padres that helped them overcome an early 8-0 deficit.

Camarena’s dad acted like…well, a dad.

I always chuckle when parents in this situation are so desperate to record it on their phone but end up jumping around like a maniac anyway. Like this is something you could possibly forget, and maybe you should just take the moment in. Anyway, everyone in San Diego looks like they’re having the time of their lives. Must be nice to have a baseball team that tries. I wouldn’t know.

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