Sport News Habs’ Brendan Gallagher is probably having a worse week than you

A Montreal Canadien was robbed last night. I’m not talking about being robbed in a hockey sense. The Lightning definitely won the Cup convincingly. I’m talking about actual robbery — Ocean’s Eleven style.

Montreal right winger Brendan Gallagher returned home yesterday feeling pretty down in the dumps after his team lost in the Stanley Cup Final in a 4-1 gentleman’s sweep. Unfortunately for him though, the bad times were only getting started. Gallagher opened the front door of his home only to find that his house had been robbed while he and his team were in Tampa Bay for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final. The Montreal fan-favorite immediately posted a video to TikTok announcing what happened.

That’s rough. Gallagher tried to put a positive spin on the situation by playing Pitbull and Ne-Yo’s “Time of our Lives” in the background, claiming that Pitbull has “been there and done that” as the song’s lyrics say — although it’s unclear whether or not Gallagher was being sarcastic.

It’s unclear which of Gallagher’s properties was robbed, although seeing as how Montreal police made a statement to CTV News regarding the matter and that the Cup Final ended just two nights ago, it’s likely that it was his Montreal property — which has been featured on the Montreal Canadiens’ official YouTube channel. During the tour of his house on “Habs Cribs,” Gallagher revealed several pieces of unique sports memorabilia, including a jersey from the 2016 Winter Classic signed by the entire 2016 Canadiens team, a Canadiens-themed Poker table, and signed Barry Sanders and Joe Montana jerseys that would definitely catch the eye of any potential thieves. No statement has been made detailing what was taken.

The team flew into Tampa on Tuesday in the middle of tropical storm Elsa, so the robbery could’ve taken place anytime during the two days that the Canadiens were away from home.

Gallagher recorded two goals and four assists during the 2021 postseason, and he won’t be leaving Montreal anytime soon. The winger recently signed an extension keeping him under contract with Montreal through the 2027 season. So, while Gallagher may not be too thrilled with his city at the moment, he is going to have to find the energy he had during the season to fight even when the chips are down. Hockey players are notoriously tough guys, so expect Gallagher to bounce back, using these past few days as motivation.

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