Sport News A bunch of Deadspinners sit around Kraken wise

Chris Baud, Jon Hoefling and Jesse Spector got together to talk about the Seattle Kraken expansion draft, in which the team surprised many by not going for big-name players like Carey Price, Gabriel Landeskog, Vladimir Tarasenko or Jakub Voracek. What’s up with that?

Chris Baud: Hey, we’re here to talk Kraken. Go Kraken.

Jon got up early in the morning to do a mock draft, and the league made a mockery of it by leaking half the names just as we were about to post it, so here we are. Let’s do this instead.

Jon Hoefling: Yeah, I was foolish to think that GMs could keep secrets, but I never would’ve expected this many selections to become public.

Shout out to Steve Yzerman though. Man’s lips are sealed super tight.

Jesse Spector: I’m a little surprised since it’s a made-for-TV draft, but the NHL is so good at sabotaging itself.

Baud: I lived in Vegas during the VGK’s inaugural season, and it was magical. I am pretty excited to see what Seattle can do, as there are many good players available but…going off the guys leaked so far…eh….um,


Hoefling: I think the defense looks great.

Spector: I think their play is working with the cap space to build not just for year one but picks beyond.

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