Sport News Salute to Brandon Jennings, Bobby Portis, and everything Bucks

Remember Brandon Jennings?

Jennings was arguably the No. 1 high school basketball player in the country from the stacked 2008 class that also included Jrue Holiday, Kemba Walker, DeMar DeRozan, Draymond Green, and Tyreke Evans, among others. At the time, Jennings became a bit of a revolutionary as well. He signed to play with the University of Arizona, but instead opted to play professionally in Italy with Lottomatica Roma of Italian Serie A, signing a deal worth $1.65 million for three years, and also inking a $2 million contract with Under Armour while overseas.

But Jennings’ most memorable seasons were spent with the Bucks, where he became the face of the 2009-13 era of basketball in Milwaukee, helping engineer multiple playoff runs. He even coined “Bucks in 6.”

His career was later marred by injuries, and he eventually returned to Milwaukee for the 2017-18 season before being out of the league before the age of 30. Luckily for him, he established the successful Tuff Crowd brand in 2018, and has triumphantly returned to be part of the Bucks’ 2021 championship parade celebration today.

About 24 hours after making a killer Chick-Fil-A order, NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokoumnpo did the interview and said all the good shit. More importantly, he mocked his own free throw routine.

Giannis’ brother Thanasis celebrated alone because he’s stuck in the NBA’s health and safety protocol, going nuts in the front seat of an extremely clean looking vehicle.


In comfortable-looking short shorts, P.J. Tucker uttered the word “dogs” eight times in a 30-second span, and then took an enormous and inefficient but admirable chug of champagne.

Tucker then handed the title to Jrue Holiday, who was seemingly taken aback by all the champagne splattered on the trophy. Tucker wiped it off with his champagne stained shirt. Work with what you got, homie.

And, who better to hold the WWE Title than the People’s Champion Bobby Portis, who is here to remind you, alongside his mother, that you can’t take shit away from him. In the video, Portis’ mother, Tina Edwards, almost seems to indicate that her son shouldn’t leave Milwaukee… and Portis is a pending free agent if he declines his $3.8 million player option.

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