Sport News MLB’s must-see show is Tatís Jr, not Shohei Ohtani

With Shohei Ohtani mania running wild, it’s hard for anyone to think there is a bigger star in MLB America than him.

After all, Ohtani is a two-way star the likes of which most people alive today have never seen. A unicorn, if you will. He leads the majors in home runs, with 31. And from the mound, he’s a problem, sporting a 100-mph fastball.

Yes, Ohtani is a modern day Babe Ruth.

Still, the best player in the league plays in San Diego, for the Padres.

And if you were an MLB general manager starting a team today, you’d be crazy not to pick Fernando Tatís Jr. over anybody else as the foundation of your team.

Tatís isn’t a novelty act; a sideshow, if you will.

But he is that guy, a stud. He moves the needle when he plays. He makes his team better and it’s nearly impossible to not want to see him play.

On Monday night in San Diego against the Washington Nationals, the star that is Tatís was on full display — again. The Padres’ shortstop not only hit his 27th homer this season — an absolute laser — but also robbed the Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman with a leaping catch to the heavens to snag a line drive. Indeed, it was a grab suitable for framing.

Tatís is a full-blown box-office hit. Better yet, he has been for awhile, almost from Day 1 in the big leagues.

In fact, when Tatís broke into the league in 2019, most considered Los Angeles Angels slugger Mike Trout as the best in the business.

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