Sport News 'It turned my baseball utopia to Hell.'

WASHINGTON, D.C. — From perfect to panic.

Just like that.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

It led to runs. Not, not on the diamond by the San Diego Padres or the Washington Nationals.

It was on the concourse. It was the fans. And they were running for their lives.

Those multiple bangs were gunshots. They were loud. They were clearly recognizable. They quickly led to confusion, fear and finally — terror.

For sure, the scene turned from a beautiful summer’s Saturday night at Nationals Park to a nightmare not far from the Capitol here in D.C.

It halted the national pastime on the field and sent the fans into total chaos, including this reporter.

I’ve covered Major League Baseball for 35 years all over America. There isn’t a stadium in the country I haven’t been to, either in the stands or in the press box. In either case, it was my sanctuary, my happy place.

Few love baseball more than I do. It’s the ultimate quality time you can spend with family and friends. These days, the only place you can get three hours of a person’s time and conversation is at a ballpark.

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